"Wikipedia:Hàng-tsṳn-yèn/Chhiáng-khiù/User:唐吉訶德的侍從" siû-thin kiên ke chhâ-phe̍t

mò phiên-si̍p chak-yeu
--[[User:唐吉訶德的侍從|<span style="font-family: Segoe Script; color: #0D33FF;">'''el caballero de los Leones</span>]] ([[User talk:唐吉訶德的侍從|<span style="color: #007FFF;">''tui-fa''</span>]]) 05:54, 19 十二月 2015 (UTC) </br>
*{{Chan-sṳ̀n}}. We also need a bot to assist with article stub creations (for example, for articles such as [[Maasdriel|this]]) and linking those articles with their appropriate interwikis, similar to [https://zh-min-nan.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Bot#Bot_flag_request_for_S205643bot this bot]. I really don't have the time these days to implement one myself so perhaps you could give it a try? --[[用戶:Chrysolophus pictus|Chrysolophus pictus]] ([[用戶討論:Chrysolophus pictus|對話]]) 08:41, 19 十二月 2015 (UTC)
*{{Chan-sṳ̀n}}--[[用戶:Tshong-tin-nyin|Tshong-tin-nyin]] ([[用戶討論:Tshong-tin-nyin|對話]]) 07:45, 23 十二月 2015 (UTC)
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