Paul Kaganer
Paul Kaganer
Wiki-medium, translator into Russian, translation administrator, „Wikimedia RU“ member
It's a really wiki-way - stormily talking; slowly making ;)

About me

I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I'm an IT Specialist for Enterprise Information Systems. I was born on December 19, 1973. I am a member of the Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia movement since September 2004.

My work

Mostly, I write in the Russian edition of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, but please leave notes for me here.

My contributions to Meta-Wiki began in April 2005. Since then, I have been translating various Wikimedia words into Russian, and supporting them up to date.

I'm a translation admin on Meta, Wikidata and Commons, and also a sysop in and Meta-Wiki (also in Meta I have flags "Interface admin" and "Central notice admin"). During a period from 2014-10-11 to 2016-11-15, I was also a Global Sysop for technical support small Wikipedias.

I was a member of the Arbitration Committee in the Russian edition of Wikipedia (firstly, since Dec. 2005 to Dec. 2006, and then a few more times, e.g. in 2019/20). I am also a member of Wikimedia RU (local Wikimedia chapter in Russian Federation).

Contact me

  • My volunteer account is "kaganer"
    within all Wikimedia projects,
    and related technical sites.
  • E-mail:
    • kaganer(_AT_)
    • paul.kaganer(_AT_)
  • Skype: paul.kaganer
  • Telegram: @kaganer


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