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English: The Coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 2006
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Public domain This work was first published in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is now in the public domain because its copyright protection has expired by virtue of the Ordinance-Law No. 86-033 of 5 April 1986 on the Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights (details). The work meets one of the following criteria:

  • It is an anonymous, pseudonymous or posthumous work and 50 years have passed since the date of its publication
  • It is a photographic work, and 25 years have passed since the date of its publication
  • It is another kind of work, and 50 years have passed since the year of death of the author (or last-surviving author)
  • It is an "official act of authority" and ineligible for copyright protection; however "literary, artistic, or scientific publications produced by the authorities" are copyrighted by the government

Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg
This file depicts a coat of arms.

The composition of coats of arms are generally public domain with respect to copyright laws, and may be reproduced freely. This corresponds to the international traditional usage, and is explicitly stated in some national copyright laws. Some compositions, of more recent origin, may be copyrighted.

This is not a valid license as such, being a "public domain" statement for the coat of arms definition only. It must be completed with the copyright tag associated to the picture creation.

See Commons:Coats of arms for further information.
Please note that this applies only to the coat of arms definition (composition / description). The representation of a coat of arms is an artistic creation, subject as such to copyright laws.

Restriction of use - Legal notice:
Most of the time, the usage of coats of arms is governed by legal restrictions, independent of the status of the depiction shown here. A coat of arms represents its owner. Though it can be freely represented, it cannot be appropriated, or used in such a way as to create a confusion with or a prejudice to its owner.

Usage on Commons:
Please provide licence information for the coat of arm representation, information for the author of the picture, and the source if not self-made work.

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